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Industrial sewing

Industrial sewing has been  our companies main field of business from  the day one. Since then we have continuously developed our capabilities and know-how.

Our 1100m2 manufacturing plant is logistically in a good place, right by Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway, 100 km from Tallinn. Our production line is easily re-organizable to meet different needs and efficiently produce different quantities.

We are mainly specialized in heavy textilesand have different capabilities like, waterproofing seams, sewing machines with log shoulder for big products, we also have a cutting department and in addition we have a lot of reliable sub-contractors.

We continuesly upgrade our maschines and school our workers to achieve even better results. We have a great collaboration with AG nystrom from who we buy our Brother industrial sewing maschines.

Our long term partners over the years have been international companies like Sinisalo Sport LTD, Suomi Soffa and Tentipi.

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